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K.K. Rokuwa (㈱六和, translated as Rokuwa Co., Ltd.) was a Japanese distributor, already active in 1949.[1] Its headquarters were in Tokyo, Muromachi (室町), and it had a plant in Tachikawa (立川).[2] In the 1950s, it also had addresses in Osaka, Fukuoka and Sapporo.[3]

The company was perhaps called Rokuwa Shōji (六和商事) at the beginning of the 1950s.[4]

The company was the owner of the brand Minori (みのり), and it sold the Minori film, Minori photographic products and Minoriflex 6×6 TLR.[5] In the 1950s, it also used the Rocca brand for some cameras.

Distributed cameras Edit

Other Edit

  • Minori accessory rangefinder[6]

Minori film Edit

Minori film was available in the mid-1950s in the following sizes:[7]

  • 120 size, short roll, 4 exposures in 6×9cm format
  • 127 size, short roll, 4 exposures in 4×6.5cm format
  • 35mm size, 20 exposures
  • Bolta size, short roll, 12 exposures
  • Mycro size, 10 exposures
  • 8mm size for Lighter cameras, 10 exposures

Notes Edit

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Bibliography Edit

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