Compur 3

G.Rodenstock Doppel-Anastigmat Eurynar 1:4.5 f=16.5cm with Compur shutter

is an old German optics house (founded 1877) and renowned among photographers for its manufacture of high quality optics for cameras, enlargers, and slide projectors. The precision optics part of the company was sold to Linos AG in 2000, while the main Rodenstock company concentrated their activities on spectacle frames and lenses. Linos became part of the Qioptic group in 2007 and will become an integral part of Qioptic starting 2010. They continue to produce high quality camera lenses, most notably for the Alpa 12WA and 12S/WA, and for view cameras, including specialized lenses for digital capture backs.

Some trademarks used for Rodenstock lenses Edit

  • Apo-Grandagon
  • Apo-Ronar
  • Eurygon
  • Eurynar
  • Heligon
  • Monar
  • Periskop
  • Rodagon
  • Sironar
  • Splendar
  • Trinar
  • Yronar
  • Imagon

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Rodenstock cameras Edit

  • Adina
  • Astra
  • Autoklapp
  • Bafo
  • Box
  • Citoklapp
  • Citonette (1932, with Trinar in Compur shutter)
  • Clarovid , Clarovid II
  • Daro III
  • Gero
  • Illma
  • Imagon Spezialkamera I / II / III
  • Lumofort
  • Nahbildkamera, Nahbildkamera Stereo
  • Planitta, Planitta II
  • Prinzess
  • Prontoklapp
  • Robra
  • Rodar II / III
  • Rodella
  • Rodinett
  • Rofina I / II
  • Rollfilm-Kamera
  • Rulex
  • Supreme
  • Wedar I / II / V
  • Werol (1933, with Eurynar in Compur shutter)
  • Ysella
  • Ysette

other cameras with a fixed Rodenstock lens Edit

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