The New Model was one of the first camera models of Rochester Optical Co.. It was a wooden tailboard-style view camera, that means a bellows camera with a back that's movable backward and forward for focusing with the ground glass. A specialty of the camera was that the ground glass frame was hinged to that movable back. When the ground glass was flipped down the plate holder could be installed. The camera was made of fine cherry wood or mahogany, with leatherette bellows and nickel-plated metal parts. It was offered in variants for different plate sizes, including the still common 4x5" format. The 1883 price "complete only $10" (maybe just for the small 3.25x4.25" variant) may have included a Rochester Optical lens, thus making the camera quite affordable compared to the Kodak No. 1 of 1888. Rochester Optical offered the camera until 1899.


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