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Specifications Edit

  • Lens: 38-90 mm / f4.5-f7.2,7 elements 7 groups.
  • Focus: Multi-Beam Automatic focusing with single AF facility. Distance measuring (shooting) range: 0.5m-inf. subjects between 0.5 m and 0.25 m, the AF monitor (Green LED) blinks and shutter release locks. Super Macro Mode focuses at 25cm.
  • Self-timer: Built-in electronic type with LED indicator. Operating delay of approx. 10 sec.
  • Viewfinder: Albada type bright-frame zoom viewfinder, magnification: 0.64x (at telephoto) 0.35x (at wide-angle), Field of view: 90% (at telephoto), 77% (at wide-angle)
  • Viewfinder information: Field of view frame, parallax correction marks, single AF mark, super macro parallax correction marks.
  • Exposure adjustment: Dual SPD photocell. Programmed automatic exposure adjustment with Automatic Backlight Control system.
  • Exposure coupling range: EV5.3-17 (ISO 100)
  • Shutter speed range: 1-1/400Sec.
  • Film speed range: ISO 64-3200. Compatible with the DX system. (Non-DX films are set to ISO 100.)
  • Built-in flash: Electronic flash automatically activates in dim light and backlight. (up to approximately 10ft.)
  • Flash shooting range: About 0.5-5.2 m (at wide-angle), about 0.5-3.3 m (at telephoto) (ISO 100)
  • Interval between flashes: About 3 sec.
  • Other features: Red eye reduction/Soft flash, Flash-on, Flash-off, TV mode, Single "SPOT" AF mode.
  • Power Source: 6V lithium battery x 1.4
  • Dimensions: 142 mm (w) x 73.5 mm (h) x 57 mm (d)
  • Weight: 355 9 (without battery)

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