The Ricoh RDC-4200 has been introduced by Ricoh in 1998.

RDC-4200 Major Specifications:

  • CCD: 1/3" 1,320,000 square pixel CCD RGB filter Interlaced
  • Lens: f5.6-16.8mm(35-105mm on 35mm format)
  • Zoom: 3x Optical
  • Shutter: Mechanical, 1-1/500
  • Focus: Auto(TTL CCD AF)
  • ISO sensibility: Approx. 80-100
  • Display: 1.8" TFT LCD
  • Dimensions: 136.5 x 64 x 34mm/5.4 x 2.5 x 1.3in.
  • Weight: 285g (10.05oz.)

Links Edit

In English:

Ricoh Oficial Website

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