Rich GR21

Ricoh GR21

Ricoh GR21 is a high end 35mm film autofocus compact camera, made by Ricoh and introduced in 2001. The appearance is similar to that of GR1 but with an exceptional 21mm lens. It was the world's first 35mm compact camera with super-wide 21mm lens. This camera received the TIPA award 2001 for best prestige camera.

Specifications Edit

  • Lens: GR Lens 21mm f/3.5 (9 elements, 6 groups)
  • Focusing: Autofocus multi-subject
  • Shutter Speeds: Electronic shutter - 2 to 1/500 second.
  • Exposure Control: Aperture Priority Mode
  • Film Speeds: ISO 25 to ISO 3200 (DX)
  • Batteries: 1xCR-2
  • Size: 117mm x 64mm x 26.5mm (Grip: 38.5mm)
  • Weight: 200g

Links Edit

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