1961 Ricoh Caddy Half-Frame Camera11:13

1961 Ricoh Caddy Half-Frame Camera

Release date July 1961 35mm film cartridge system. Image size 24 × 17mm (RIKEN optical design , manufacturing Tomioka optics) lens Ricoh 25mm F2.8 in 3 groups of four elements. Focus visual estimation (zone), front lens rotation. Shutter is Seiko Sha # 000/561 with speeds of B · 1/4 - 1/250 Equipped with a focal length of 35mm wide-angle lens ( as at the time ) in terms of full-frame 35mm perspective. Dimensions, 69mm depth, 33.5mm height, & 112mm width. Weight of 390g Original price in 1961 of 10,800 yen with case.

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