The Ricoh Auto 35V is a rangefinder camera with fixed lens made in Japan by Ricoh from 1960. It was also named Ricohmatic 35 for export markets. It is an evolution of the Ricoh Auto 35 model. The camera design was very original for a Japanese camera, with the shutter release lever next to the lens. The Soviet company KMZ made a copy of the Ricoh Auto 35V, named Zorki 10.

  • Type: rangefinder camera
  • Films: 35mm
  • Lens: Ricoh Kominar 40mm 1:2.8 (4 element in 3 groups)
  • Shutter: Seikosha 561 Series - 1/30-1/250 + B, programs with timer cell
  • Exposure control: Hold needle selenium meter AE
  • Focusing: Fixed-focus 2.5 meters
  • Dimensions: 132mm x 66mm x 59mm
  • Weight: 500g

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