Revueflex 1000S it was actually the Japanese version of Chinon CS (produced since 1976). This is a typical SLR pentaprism and with a built-in CDs light meter.
The design is similar to Praktica, but the body is slightly thicker and the shutter button is placed differently . Revueflex 1000S is rare.


  • SLR - the beginning of manufacturing 1978
  • film type 135, 36 frames 24x36mm
  • Lens mount M42x1
  • Focal plane vertical shutter with metal curtains, settings 1/1000s to 1s and B
  • flash X and M
  • CdS (behind the lens) film speed adjustable from 25AS to 3200ASA (15 to 36 DIN)
    battery type PX13/PX625 - 1.35 V
Revueflex1000 m01

Reuveflex 1000S

by Ryszard Kobus


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