Revere was an American camera maker. The company was founded in 1920 by Samuel Briskin as Excel Radiator Co., making car radiators and other products.[1] A dependent company of Excel started to make 8mm movie cameras in 1939, and was merged into the main company, which became Revere Camera Co.[1] The company acquired the lens maker Wollensak in the 1950s, and was itself bought by 3M in 1960.[1]

The company made stereo cameras in the 1950s, under the Revere and Wollensak brands, and an auto-exposure 4×4cm camera called Eye-Matic EE 127 c.1958. The Revere brand was used after the absorption by 3M on a few cameras using 126 film, some of which were made by Minolta.

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  • Revere 3M Automatic 1000
  • Revere 3M Automatic 1034
  • Revere 3M 1062
  • Revere 3M Automatic 1064
  • Revere 3M 1074

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