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The Primarette is a twin-lens camera made by Bentzin in the 1930s, taking 4×6.5cm pictures on 127 film. It was also sold as the Planovista. It is effectively a folding TLR, with two sets of lenses and bellows, one for viewing and one for taking. There was a choice of taking lens, including a Meyer Trioplan 75mm f3.5, set in a Compur shutter speeded from 1s to 1/300, or a f3.8 Zeiss Tessar in the same shutter, or a f2.7 Meyer Macroplasmat in a Compur shutter with self-timer. The viewing lens projects an image onto a ground glass screen set in a hood on the back of the camera, designed for use at eye-level. Since there is no reflex mirror, the image would be upside-down.

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