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The Praktina mount was a breech-lock mount specific to the East German Praktina SLR.

We can attempt to make a list of the Praktina lenses.

Meyer lenses Edit

Meyer was the second provider of East German lenses after Carl Zeiss Jena. All were alu finish unless noted:

  • 35/4.5 Primagon
  • 100/2.8 Trioplan
  • 180/5.5 Telemegor
  • 180/3.5 Primotar

Schacht lenses Edit

The West German company Schacht made some lenses in Praktina mount.

  • 85/2.8 Travenar

Carl Zeiss Jena lenses Edit

The primary provider of Praktina lenses was Carl Zeiss Jena. The finish could be:

  • type I: alu with knurled rings, manual or preset diaphragm
  • type II: alu with leatherette on the focusing ring, auto diaphragm

The lenses were:

  • 35/2.8 Flektogon (I)
  • 40/4.5 Tessar (I manual)
  • 50/2 Flexon/Pancolar (II)
  • 58/2 Biotar (I)
  • 75/1.5 Biotar (I)
  • 80/2.8 Biometar (I)
  • 135/4 Sonnar (I)
  • 50/2.8 Tessar (II)

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