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The Praktica LB was a 35mm SLR with focal plane shutter and all manual controls.

The Praktica LB has an uncoupled exposure meter using a selenium cell. No batteries are needed to power the exposure meter. An updated version, the LB 2, had some minor changes such as a plastic-tipped film advance lever and a chrome shutter speed dial, rather than black. Both the LB and LB 2 were usually equipped without a self-timer.
Cameras 005

Pentacon Praktica LB 2 Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 2.8/50

The LB was also rebadged as the Hanimex Praktica LB, the JC Penney SLR 1 and (with some cosmetic differences) as the Porst Reflex CX4.

Praktica LB 370092 1


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