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A 35mm SLR camera released by Praktica in 1979 as the first in the B series of cameras. Around 110,000[1] were produced until the end of the run in August 1982.

Specifications Edit

  • Aperture priority with electronic shutter speeds ranging from 40-1/1000s.
  • Mechanical X-sync for flash at 1/90s.
  • TTL metering using Gallium-Arsenide-Phosphide diode.
  • Aperture shown on the lens barrel is reflected into the viewfinder.
  • Power: 6V Mallory PX 28 or equivalent (e.g. 4xLR44)
  • Dimensions of body: 138x87.5x49mm
  • Weight: 530g without battery

Images Edit

Praktica B200 2502119 1

Praktica B200 electronic.

Praktica B200BELLOW 961335 2

Praktica B200 electronic with original bellow. Incredibly nice.


Praktica B200 viewfinder, showing focus ring, speed indicator and aperture window.

References Edit

  1. According to

Links Edit

  • B 200 on
  • B 200 on

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