Origianlly produced between 1971 and 1972 the Square Shooter was a Ridged Plastic Bodied, Packfilm Type 80 instant camera. Although similar to the Colorpack II the Square Shooter was considered more advanced and that was reflected in the retail price of $34.95 as opposed to the Colorpack II retail price of $29.95.

The Square Shooter featured:


Polaroid Square Shooter

  • A built in socket for Hi-Power flashcubes, a "Focused Flash" system.
  • Exsposure system designed only for 75 ASA films.
  • Typically they also featured the adjustable front cell focusing lens with distance scaling marked on the lens ring.
  • "Everset" shutter that did not need recocking.

It lacked the built-in development timer of the Colorpack II and was slightly smaller.

Ss left

Polaroid Square Shooter

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