Polaroid HDR
Polaroid HDR2
Polaroid HDR3
Polaroid HDR4
Polaroid]] cameras that used Type 30 instant rollfilm. There were three models in the series.
  • Polaroid 80 Highlander (1954)
  • Polaroid 80A Highlander (1957)
  • Polaroid 80B Highlander (1959)


  • Lens: 100mm f/8.8, 3-element glass
  • Shutter: 2-speed rotary-leaf design with speeds of 1/25s and 1/100s, plus Bulb
  • Flash: M-sync via Polaroid "hot shoe"
  • Exposure set by Polaroid Light Value scale. (Standard EV scale on 80A and 80B).
  • Rigid viewfinder on top of camera.
  • Distance focus by rotating lens front-element.
  • Self-erecting bellows design.
  • Steel body painted gray for model 80, brown for 80A and 80B.
  • Most (but not all) model 80's have chrome plated trim, especially noticeable on the lens ring. Some model 80's and all 80A and 80B have polished steel trim.


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