Polaroid introduced a camera back, the CB80, for the popular Holga cameras. Designed to use Type-80 peel-apart films, the back included a diopter lens, battery holder/6x6 mask, dark slide, and featured a tripod mount.

It was most often sold with a Holga 120SF (hence the included battery holder), however the back can be purchased separately. The CB80 can be used on any Holga 120-series camera.

When first introduced, the image produced by a CB80 did not cover the full frame of the Type-80 film. Shortly after its release, a modified CB80, called the CB80 Full Frame, was introduced that matched the full size of the film.

Due to the design of the back, the Holga viewfinder is completely obscured when the two are used together. An external Holga "viewfinder" can be purchased that mounts onto the CB80 and provides an accurate view of the scene.

The original CB80 Polaroid back has been discontinued, however, in 2007, a new Polaroid back made by A-Power was released that is nearly identical to the CB80. This back comes with the dark slide, diopter lens, 6×6 mask, and viewfinder. The biggest improvement to this version is that it now takes the Type 660 (originally known as Type 100, and not to be confused with Type 600 which is an integral instant film used in Polaroid consumer cameras) films in addition to the Type 80, a move possibly made due to the discontinuation of the Type 80 films at the end of 2006. When using Type 660/100 films with the new back, a 6×6 image is produced, leaving a black area on the right of the image.

The Polaroid back is known as Polgasun in Japan.

Type 80 Films Edit

  • Type 84 - medium-contrast black and white film. Produces a positive image. ISO/100.
  • Type 85 - medium-speed, high-resolution black and white film. Produces both a positive image and a negative that can be printed later. ISO/80.
  • Type 87 - medium-contrast, high-speed, black and white film. Produces a positive image. ISO/3000
  • Type 88 - medium-contrast, medium-speed color film. Produces a positive image. Can be used for emulsion lifting and image transfers. ISO/80.
  • Type 89 - medium-speed, medium-grain color film. Accurately matches ISO 100 chrome films. Produces a positive image. ISO/100.

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