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This particular Polaroid 600 camera was a revision of the earlier models that used integral 600 film. It had a round top and resembled a breadbin when closed. The flash is enclosed by a semi-circle of translucent plastic (as opposed to the earlier rectangles). A velcro hand grip is usually present on the user's left hand side. All models have close-up adaptor. It is fairly basic instant camera, but sold very well under various names and with a multitude of colour schemes.

Functionally equivalent modelsEdit

  • Polaroid 600 Aquablue (dark blue with translucent lid)
  • Polaroid 600 Asian Gold (orangey gold and black)
  • Polaroid 600 Extreme (black with orange trim)
  • Polaroid 637 (dark grey with cyan trim, like 600. Also seen with 'Key Coffee - Drip On' branding.)
  • Polaroid 790 (similar to 600 Extreme, but black and red)
  • Polaroid Cam (black/magenta)
  • Polaroid L.S./M.F.T. (black/silver 'Lucky Strike' logo)
  • Polaroid neuve (white/orange/green)
  • Polaroid OneStep Autofocus (SE) (dark blue/black)
  • Polaroid OneStep Express (green/grey/yellow, came with matching case)
  • Polaroid P (silver/dark blue, with or without 'Kenneth Cole - Reaction' logo; black/cyan; silver/black, with or without 'Coca Cola' or 'Goldschlager' logo)
  • Polaroid Photo GraphiX (odd flat-front design in white on black with yellow button, designed for making round-cropped photographs that could be cut out for buttons; under the fascia is a Job Pro 2)
  • Polaroid Photo Maker (green/dark blue, with smiley face and hearts cartoon)
  • Polaroid Silver Express (silver/black like P)
  • Polaroid Spice Cam (Black/pink/mauve/silver with 'Spice Girls' stickers)


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