The Pocket Seneca No. 29 is a folding bed camera for 4x5 inch plate or sheet film. Its focusing screen holder is also the clamp for the film sheet holder. On the wooden folding bed is the rail for the lens standard, a focusing scale with distances in feet and meters, and a turnable reflecting type finder without hood. The Ultro leaf shutter allows attachment of a normal remote cable and offers time, bulb and instant mode. The ten-blade diaphragm can be set from f16 to f128 (old U.S. norm). The lens standard shows a hint on a patent from March 1905. The wooden camera body is coated with black leatherette. Some details demonstrate that this was a budget variant of Seneca's 4x5 folding cameras: 1. the finder has no hood 2. the folding bed is held by just one strut.


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