Dr. Krügener's Plastoscop is a stereo folding camera for 4.5×10.7cm film plates.

  • Type: stereo folding camera
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Krügener, Bockenheim/Frankfurt am Main
  • Year of launch: 1907
  • Film: 4.5×10.7cm plates
  • Lenses: two Dr. Krügener Simplex Anastigmat 1:7,7/80mm, distance between optical axes 63 mm
  • Finder: frame finder
  • Dimensions: 3.2×5.7×13.2 cm

Selectable shutter speeds are numbered 1 to 4, aperture values 3, 6 and 9, only the distances can be read from the selector scale, beginning with 0.75 m .


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