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The Pilot Super (or Pilot 6 Super) is a medium format SLR camera made by KW in Dresden, Germany, from c.1939-1941[1]. It takes twelve 6×6cm exposures on 120 film, and has a mask for conversion to sixteen 4.5×6 frames. It is a later version of the Pilot 6, using a similar chassis.

The body is roughly cubic, with a bulge on the top rear edge accommodating the film take-up spool. There is a folding viewfinder hood on top, with a built-in sports finder and loupe. The knob wind, shutter speed control and shutter-release are all on the right-hand side. Some examples are fitted with an extinction light meter on the viewing hood[2].

The shutter is a guillotine mechanism with 4 speeds, 1/20-1/200 + B, the lens is interchangeable.

  1. McKeown 12th ed, p.585
  2. The Retrography example has such a meter; the example pictured seems not to.


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