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The Pilot 6 is a medium format SLR made by KW in Dresden, Germany, introduced in 1936. It takes twelve 6×6cm exposures on 120 film.[1]

General description Edit

The body is roughly cubic, with a bulge on the top rear edge accommodating one of the film spools. There is a folding viewfinder hood on top (with a plate listing patents on the back) and a wire-frame sports finder on the left side. The knob wind, shutter speed and release are all on the users right side.

Two versions of the Pilot 6 were made - 6x6 (one red window on back cover) and 6x4.5 format (two red windows on back cover).

1936 model Edit

The 1936 model has a fixed lens. The front has a name plate above, and a curved maker's name around the underside of the lens. The shutter on the original model runs from 1/25–1/100, later upgraded to 1/20–1/150.[2] The less expensive model has a KW Anastigmat 7.5cm f/6.3 lens with an aperture disk controlled by a knob above the lens; normal models have KW Anastigmat 7.5cm f/4.5 or Laack Pololyt 7.5cm f/3.5 lenses with normal diaphragms.[2]

1938 model Edit

The Pilot 6 was upgraded in 1938 with interchangeable lenses, a faster shutter (20–200) and improved controls.[2] The makers plate was removed and the (now straight) name plate moved to the top of the front.

The Pilot Super is a similar, later camera.

Notes Edit

  1. The format is listed as 6×6cm in McKeown, p.584, and in this page by Klaus-Eckard Riess; Simon Simonsen says 4.5×6cm, perhaps by mistake.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 McKeown, p.584.

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