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The Photo-Magic was a 4x6.5 bakelite camera, made in black or wine. It was very simple, around the meniscus lens was only marked Photo-Magic and No 4065, always the same! It had a time and instant shutter. On some, it was marked P and I, some other were marked T and I and had British made inside the back. There was also an identical Photo-Miami camera.

It looks a little like the original MIOM camera, and also quite like a small version of the Wembley Sports without the screw-out lens barrel. Vial dates it from 1948, and McKeown lists it under the Boumsell entry. It is discussed in more detail by Sylvain Halgand on his Photo-Magic page.

Bibliography Edit

  • Vial, Bernard. Histoire des appareils français. Période 1940–1960. Paris: Maeght Éditeur, 1980, re-impressed in 1991. ISBN 2-86941-156-1.

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