The Phase One P30 and the Phase One P30+ are medium format digital backs. That means that they are media (image sensor), image-processor, control-screen panel and storage device in one module for usage on modern medium format camera systems like Phase one's Phase One 645 DF. The modules use (probably Dalsa's) 44x33 mm 31 Megapixel 16 bit-Opticolor image sensors. They are made for exposure times from 1/10000 sec. to 1 hour. Main control elements are the 230.000 Pixel display and the four big buttons in its left and right frame. This control panel is core Part of Phase One's conception for intuitive and fast system control. A modern control (or "navigation") concept based on a few big buttons, that's reminiscent of Apple's contemporary product iPod. Thus the Phase One concept is really good for contemporaries except people who prefer old-style controls arrangements.


  • Specs on Phase One website

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