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Japanese Semi (4.5×6)
Postwar models (edit)
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 Petri Semi ( 1948 Type) Kuribayashi camera Works Petri Anastigmat- F:3.5, 7.5cm. Round front standard to insert OO sized shutter. T,B, 1~200th shutter Front cell focus lens set in a flanged conical design.metric F:stops lever actuator marked 3.5,4.5, 6.3, 9, 12, 16 . Uncoupled rangefinder, yellow & clear coincedence design. Image size 4.5x6cm or SEMI sized.120 rollfilm red window on lower back of door, with sliding cover. Unusal configuration of pop up tubular viewfinder, eye-level reflex viewer, un-coupled rangefinder viewer. This configuration is very RARE in folding japanese cameras and Sugiyama rated it **** out of ***** star rating system. Semi Karoron is a related later model, but NOT the same in viewfinders
Z99 Petri Semi 1948 type

Semi Petri Folding Uncoupled rangefinder type 1948 very rare camera. Don@eastwestphoto

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