The Pentax K20D headlines with a 14.6 megapixel sensor, which is substantially more than Nikon's D3 (Pentax even claims that it is higher resolution than traditional 35mm film). The pixels are packed onto a CMOS sensor which has been specifically designed for the camera, allowing it to greatly reduce the noise suffered when shooting in low light.

The K20D also joins industry leaders in incorporating a Live View function, which allows the photographer to look through the lens using the LCD on the back of the camera, rather than by looking through the viewfinder. Photographers new to DSLRs will no doubt be surprised that this is a new feature, as it has been available on compacts for many years. Now that it is here though, it looks set to stay, as it allows the photographer an unprecedented ability to conveniently use unconventionally high or low points of view.

The camera also has an 11 point auto focus and 16 point metering system, which should be more than enough for even the most avid photographer.

Reviews Edit

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