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Pentax K-7

The Pentax K-7 was the first of a new range of high performance Semi-Pro DSLR's from the Pentax.

It effectively replaced the Pentax K20D which came out 18 months earlier.

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Pentax K-7

Improvements over the K20D were:Edit

  • Brand new Magnesium alloy body, with 77 seals to protect the camera from the elements.
  • Brand new shutter system which was both quieter and quicker. An improved 5.2 frames per second could be achieved over the 3 FPS of the K20D (but no 21FPS in live view this time)
  • Improved AF system but with the same 11 AF points (9 cross-type)
  • Smaller, lighter body to appeal to users who wish to be more discreet.
  • Viewfinder was 100% Pentaprism as opposed to 92% Pentaprism of the K20D
  • The sensor (14.6MP from Samsung) was the same, with the same ISO range, but a refined version providing better low light performance than the K20D at similar ISO's
  • Locking control dial, meaning you don't accidentally move it during use.


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