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Pentax K-5


The Pentax K-5 is high-end semi-pro camera of Pentax As of its release in 2010 it was the best DSLR offered under $2000 rivaled only by the Nikon D7000.

The K-5 was essentially an update of the popular Pentax K-7 which improved the sensor chip, as well as the FPS and video capability.

Improvements over the K-7 were:Edit

  • Larger 16.3 Mpix Sony-sourced CMOS Sensor
  • New SAFOX IX+ 11 point AF sensor
  • Dramatically improved ISO performance with a range from 80-51200 ISO. This is also the largest ISO range of any APS-C DSLR camera, and currently only beaten by three "Pro" cameras by Canon and Nikon (EOS 1D mk4, EOS 1D X and D3s)
  • 7 frames per second
  • possibly the quietest shutter of any DSLR.
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