In 1931 Ihagee launched its Parvola. It used 127 film. The telescopic thread-in-thread screw-out lens barrel was its characteristic feature. One version was made for 3×4cm exposures, another with frame size 4×6.5cm. The one on the image above is for the smaller format and has an Ihagee-Anastigmat 50mm f/4.5 lens in a Pronto shutter. It was also available with a Tessar 5cm f/2.8.

The larger format model has 7cm or 7.5cm lenses, such as the Ihagee Anastigmat 70mm f/4.5 or Carl Zeiss Tessar 7cm f/3.5 or 7.5cm f/2.8, in a variety of shutters: Vario, Pronto, Prontor II, Compur or Compur-Rapid.

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