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8MP successor to the FZ20, the FZ30 adds a non-retracting mechanical zoom lens (which is only operable manually and means start-up time is reduced to roughly 1 second), an increased pixel count on the EVF and LCD, and a manual focus ring (which is electronically linked). Possibly the greatest additions are RAW functionality, two thumb dials to control aperture and exposure timing, and a rotate-and-flip LCD.

Despite a reputation for high noise levels, the DMC-FZ30 is nonetheless at the top end of the 'prosumer', bridge camera range in terms of feature set and lens quality.


  • 12x Optical zoom (35mm to 420mm 35mm equivalent; 7.4mm to 88.8mm actual)
  • Minimum focus range: 5cm (Wide/Macro) to 2m (Tele)
  • RAW, TIFF, JPEG formats
  • 8MP (3264 x 2448 maximum)
  • SD/MMC compatible
  • Mechanically linked manual zoom ring
  • Electronically linked manual focus ring
  • Viewfinder & LCD displays of 235,000 pixels
  • 1/1.8" (7.18 x 5.32 mm) CCD sensor
  • ISO range: 80, 100, 200, 400
  • 'Mega OIS' image stabilisation
  • Aperture range f2.8(at wide end)/3.7(at tele range) to f11
  • Shutter speeds 60 secs to 1/2000th
  • Size: 141 x 86 x 138 mm
  • Weight: 740g with battery



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