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The Pajtás (meaning "Companion" in Hungarian) is a Bakelite box camera made in Hungary by Gamma Optikai Művek later (from 1960) by Fővárosi Finommechanikai Vállalat FFV, between 1955 and 1962.

Exposure settings can be instantaneous 1/30 (signed by M) or B (signed by T), three apertures (f8, f11, f16), selectable via knobs below the 80mm f/8 achromat lens made at the first time by Magyar Optikail Művek (MOM). Images are on 120 film.

  • Pajtás picture on Flickr by blue coyote laughing
  • Pajtás camera pictures and results at
  • Pajtás (Hungarian site)
FOTO3864-Edit th1
Pajtas 2
Pajtas 3
Pajtas 4
Pajtas 5

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