The Paff-Reflex was made by Ihagee in 1921. It was the first SLR made by the company which later introduced the first 35mm SLR, the Kine Exakta. Available versions were the Roll-Paff-Reflex 20 for rollfilm and the Plan-Paff-Reflex 3 for plates or film sheets. The cameras had wooden box shaped bodies, covered with leatherette. The Roll-Paff-Reflex had a simple shutter with Z (Zeit=Time) and M (Moment=Instant) settings, and an achromatic meniscus lens or a Meyer Trioplan f6.8 90mm lens. The Plan-Paff-Reflex was similar, but for 6×4.5 plates and with Meyer f6.3 105mm lens. In 1921 the market was wide for simple reliable SLR cameras so that the Paff-Reflex could be sold internationally.


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