The following exposure meters were designed for and require a 625 mercury cell:

Manufacturer/Brand Model
Aetna/Maxwell D1, D3, L1
Bewi Super L
Bolex Exposure meter for H8/H16 reflex/non-reflex models
Capitol D1, D3, L1
Dot Line DL0016, DL0017
Gossen Super Pilot Cds/SBC, Luna Pro Cds, Luna Six-3 (2 each), C-Mate Cds, N-100
Horseman 4x5 film-plane meter (4 each)
Leitz MR3, MR4
Minolta Flash Meter, Color Meter (5 each)
Miranda External Meters F/G, Cadius II, TTP clip-on
Pentax Clip-On Meter
Prinz 160-117 DX-1
Sectra TriColor meter
Sekonic 164A, 164B, 164C
Soligor UF II, Selector Cds
Vivitar 34

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