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Technical Considerations Edit

Size & Weight Edit

Do you want a camera you can fit in your pocket? There are some very good cameras that do, but the small size comes at the cost of some flexibility. Many small cameras have a bulge for the lens or for the battery compartment that makes them just too big to fit. Canon A80, for example.

Do you need to be able to operate the camera with gloves on? Many cameras are too small for this. Try it out in the store.

How much can you carry? Many cameras are quite heavy. Will you be backpacking with this camera? Many cameras are very light, but that makes them less stable when hand held. In the store, try to see what is the slowest speed at which you can hand hold the camera. This becomes important when shooting in low light without a tripod.

Batteries Edit

What kind of batteries does it take? It's better if it takes batteries that are readily available, e.g. AA batteries. Some film cameras do not require batteries at all. If you want to be able to work without batteries, that's what you need. If the batteries are unusual, find out how long they last, how much they cost to replace, and how easy they are to obtain.

Some cameras have rechargeable batteries. These are of two kinds: NiMH and Lithium. Lithium is better, but more expensive. Also ask: can the battery be charged while you are shooting, or do you need to remove it from the camera to charge it. It's better, but unusual, if you don't have to remove it.

Is there an AC adaptor available? Is it supplied with the camera? How much does it cost? For digital cameras, do you want a docking station that charges the camera and downloads the images into your computer?

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