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The Simmon Brothers, known for their line of enlargers, built one camera for the civilian market, the Simmon Omega 120 rangefinder camera. The camera was a design by Alfred Simmon.[1] The Simmon Omega 120 camera was the design precursor to the Koni-Omega series of cameras. The Omega 120, released in March 1954 by Simmon Bros. N.Y., came with coupled rangefinder and a with 90mm f=3.5 Omicron lens in a Wollensak Rapax Synchro flash synchronized shutter with speeds from 1 sec to 1/400 sec plus B.


  • Omega 120 at Sociedad Ibero-Americana de la Historia de la Fotografia Museo Fotográfico y Archivo Historico "Adolfo Alexander"
  • Omgega 120 at George Eastman House

Notes Edit

  1. Patent US169343 [1]

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