The Trip Panorama was a fully-automatic 35mm compact camera, with motor drive and fixed focus manufactured by Olympus. It was one of a series of cheap fixed focus models branded Olympus Trip and served as an update to the Olympus Trip Junior in 1991. Switching between panorama and standard modes caused a mask to pop up in front of the film chamber. A "P" mark appeared in the viewfinder during shooting to inform the photographer that panorama mode had been selected. The setting could only be chosen prior to film being loaded. The original price was ¥18,000 (including the case).[1].


  • Lens: Zuiko 33mm, f/4.5 (4 elements)
  • ISO: Switchable - 100/200/400
  • Motorwind.
  • Integrated flash.
  • Integral sliding lens cover.


  1. Price listed on Olympus website. [1]


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