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Announced in March 2007, the Olympus E-410 is one of the smallest and lightest DSLRs yet produced (it is an exact size and weight match for the E-400 which preceded this model by six months). As part of the Four-Thirds system the E-410 can take all Four-Thirds lenses and accessories.

The E-410 was released by Olympus worldwide in April 2007, and features a 10-megapixel Panasonic ‘Live MOS’ sensor, allowing full-time live view on the camera's rear LCD. Unlike previous Four-Thirds cameras that have featured Live view — the E-330 and Panasonic DMC L1 —, the E-410 and its sibling the E-510 have fixed, non-rotating LCDs. However, the viewing angle of these rear LCDs has apparently been greatly improved – up to 170°.

‘Live-View’ on the E-410 and E-510 differs in operation form previous implementations in that it only features one mode of operation – essentially equivalent to ‘Live-View mode B’ on the E-330, with some added image display properties. It automatically adjusts the displayed image to accurately reflect white balance and exposure compensation, as well as adding a live histogram. Auto focus is now also available in Live-View mode, although it operates more slowly than in normal operation as the mirror needs to be brought down for the sensors to focus and then is drawn back up; this means that the image is blanked out for 1 to 2 seconds while focus is made. In manual focus mode, the image on the rear LCD can be magnified by up to 10x, to allow for fine focus adjustment.

The E-410 has several advantages over its predecessor the E-400 apart from the inclusion of Live-View, notably allowing users to entirely disable all in-camera image filtering software, allowing users to perform all such adjustments in post-processing. It also features improved sequential shooting performance – up to 7 images in raw format (the E-400 allowed only 5) and unlimited jpeg recording at 3 frames per second (up to memory card capacity).

Some brief specifications:

  • 10 Megapixel NMOS ‘Live MOS’ sensor — image dimensions up to 3648 x 2736 pixels (9.9mp effective)
  • 2.5” rear LCD panel (215,000 pixels; 100% frame coverage)
  • Olympus' patented 'Supersonic Wave Filter' anti-dust system
  • Metering: 49 area ESP, Centre-weighted average, Spot, Highlight and Shadow-based Spot
  • Single AF, continuous AF and manual focusing with all Four-Thirds lenses
  • Sequential shooting at 3fps up to 7 frames in RAW or to card capacity in JPEG (high quality).
  • ISO range 100–1600.
  • Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual and 25 'scene' modes
  • Dual memory card slots for CompactFlash (Type I/II or MD) or xD type memory cards
  • Inbuilt TTL-auto flash with a guide number of 10; sync up to 1/180 sec.
  • Weight: 380g (body only)
  • Size: 130 x 91 x 53mm

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