This bulky 35mm film camera was part of Olympus' Superzoom series. It was known as the Accura 700BF in the US. First retailing in 1997, the camera had a good range of functions, but the zooming operation seems sluggish by modern standards.

Main featuresEdit

  • Automatic exposure, aperture and focus.
  • Lens: 38-70mm, f/5.6-9.6
  • Viewfinder zooms along with the lens.
  • Built-in flash modes: auto, off, fill-in.
  • Auto-loading, winding and rewinding of DX-coded film.
  • Other features: Self-timer, tripod socket.
  • Power: 2 standard 1.5V AA batteries.

An update in 1999 added a Quartz Date function and an even larger viewfinder.


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