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The Olympus 35-S and 35-S II are fixed-lens rangefinders made by Olympus from 1955 to 1959.

Olympus 35-S Edit

Introduced in 1955, the 35-S was the first Japanese camera to offer a fast rewind lever. It was first fitted with a D. Zuiko 3.5/45 lens. The later models were available with a E. Zuiko 2.8/48mm or a G. Zuiko 1.9/42mm lens. All had a Seikosha-MX shutter.

Olympus 35-S II Edit

Marketed in 1957, the Olympus 35-S II provided a bright-frame finder. It is recognizable for its three windows on the front. Three different lenses were available : E. Zuiko 2.8/48, G. Zuiko 2.0/42 and G. Zuiko 1.8/42. It is equipped with a Seikosha MXL shutter, with LVS values.

Many of these cameras have been sold in the USA by Sears & Roebuck under the brand Tower.

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