The Olympus Écru was an all-automatic compact camera for 35mm film. It had a unique design, including a polished aluminium lens cap and a leather case.

  • Lens: 35mm 1:3,5 ( 3 elements )
  • Autofocus: active infrared, for focusing automatically from 0.35 m to infinity
  • Films: 35mm film
  • Exposure: automatically, shutter speeds between 1/15 and 1/500 sec., aperture between f3.5 and f16
  • Viewfinder: optical finder (Kepler type)
  • flash: built-in, guide number 12
  • weight: 215 g without the 2 AAA-batteries
  • dimensions 106 x 91 x 40 mm


  • Écru in Christian Zahn's Optiksammlung [1]

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