No. 2 Stereo Kodak

The No. 2 Stereo Kodak Camera was the first stereo camera manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company. Manufactured by the Eastman Kodak, this camera was patented at least four separate times; May 5, 1885, December 1, 1891; Sept. 25, 1894 and January 12, 1897.

The No. 2 Stereo Kodak camera was on the market from 1901 to 1905 and sold for $15, its design echoes the No. 2 Bulls-Eye, but is larger in width to accommodate the twin rectilinear lenses which made the stereo photographic feature possible. This camera could also be used as a single lens camera by sliding a cap over one lens.

The No. 2 Stereo Kodak camera is a roll film camera that uses paper-backed 101 film that produces six 3 ½ ” × 6 ” images per roll. Features include two red windows for the number indicators of the film, a timed-shot shutter button, tripod attachment and spirit level.

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