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2c fold brown auto

No.2C Folding Autographic Brownie

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No.2C Folding Autographic Brownie is a large format film folding bed camera made by Eastman Kodak and produced between 1916-26.

It uses roll autographic A 130 film . Some features are imitation leather covering; waist level reversible brilliant reflecting finder; sliding focusing with lock. A variation is square ended cases changed to round from serial number 38,501 in Nov 1917.


  • Achromatic lens:
  • Rapid Rectilinear lens:
    • May 1916-25: Ball Bearing Shutter; Jan 1925-Aug 1925: Kodex shutter
  • Kodar f/7.9 lens:
    • May 1925-26: Kodex shutter


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