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1A Pocket Kodak 116 Autographic Model in Grey, photo from

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To outward appearances, the No. 1-A Kodak Pocket camera is the larger sibling of the Vest Pocket Kodak camera.

This camera takes 116 film, but some photographers report success in jury-rigging 120 film into the camera.

The camera offers automatic shutter speeds of 1/25 and 1/50 seconds.  It offers a standard B shutter mode, where the shutter stays open as long as the trigger is pressed.  But, like the Vest Pocket version, it also offers a T mode, where a single click of the trigger opens the shutter and locks it open, until a second press of the trigger which closes it.

The camera opens via a spring lever, which when pushed up opens the door to the camera inside. A knob at the front of the camera then allows it to be pulled forward on tracks. There it then can be set to its focus.

Aperture can be adjusted from f/6.3 to 45. A manual focus adjustment offers distances between 6 and 100 feet.
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Kodex No. 1 Shutter on a 1A Pocket Autographic Camera. Photo from

The "A" in 1-A indicates that this is the "Autographic" mode.  A sliding door on the back of the camera allows the user to physically access the back of the roll of film inside the camera.  This allows the photographer to use a stylus-like-tool, and essentially scratch a line or two of text onto the back of the film.  Once developed, this text appears on the film as a result of the scratching.  Kodak manufactured a specific "A116" film, specifically prepared for autographic use.
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Autographic feature on a 1A, photo from

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