Having gained a foothold in the autofocus compact camera market with the L series and One•Touch range of fixed lens cameras, Nikon's next step was to offer a choice of focal lengths in one compact body. The Nikon TW2 was the company's first camera with a switch enabling a choice of focal lengths, namely 35 and 75mm. This camera was followed by cameras with proper zoom lenses. This range evolved between 1987 and 1992 and the models are listed chronologically below, with their various international names:

  • Nikon TW2/TW2D/Tele•Touch Deluxe (Dual lens 35mm/3.5, 70mm/6.8, 1987)
  • Nikon TW Zoom (QD)/Zoom•Touch 500 (35-80mm/3.5-7.8, 1988)
  • Nikon TW20/Tele•Touch 300 (QD) (Dual lens 35mm/3.8, 55mm/5.7, 1989)
  • Nikon TW Zoom 35-70/Zoom•Touch 400 (QD) (35-70mm f/4-7.6, 1990)
  • Nikon TW Zoom 85/Zoom•Touch 600 (QD) (32-85mm f/4.5-11, 1992)
  • Nikon TW Zoom 35-80/Zoom•Touch 500S (QD) (35-80mm/3.5-7.8, 1991)
  • Nikon TW Zoom 105/Zoom•Touch 800 (WORLD TIME) (Top of the range, 37-105mm f/3.7-9.9, 1992. The WORLD TIME version included a 24-hour clock!)

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