The Nikon D3 is the current Nikon Flagship camera, aimed at professional photographers. The camera launched in December 2007 and has rapidly become the industry standard.

The camera is Nikon's first full-frame digital camera, and packs 12.1 million pixels.

Amongst a host of other features, it can shoot as many as 11 frames per second, though not at full resolution.

The camera's biggest acclaim, though, came from its unrivaled ability to shoot in low light. With a maximum "film" speed of 25600 ISO, it makes light of pitch black surroundings.

Nikon's decision to launch the D300, the D3's smaller brother, on the same day as the D3 raised many eyebrows in the industry, especially since the D300 has the same pixel count at about a third of the price.

Reviews Edit

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