The Neuheil is a leaf shutter made by the Japanese company Neumann & Heilemann from about 1932.[1] It is everset and has three shutter blades.[2] It seems to exist only in #0 size. The name "Neuheil" is a contraction of Neumann & Heilemann.

Versions Edit

The Neuheil was made in three versions: Neuheil A (1–150, B, T), Neuheil B (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, B, T) and Neuheil D (25, 50, 100, 150, B, T).[3] It is said that the 5–150 version was released first.[4]

On all the known examples, the shutter plate is black and is marked Neuheil at the bottom. The aperture scale consists of a separate crescent-shaped plate screwed to the bottom. At least one Neuheil B, perhaps an early one, has Optik & Feinmechanik and JAP. PAT. APPL. FOR in small characters at the top of the shutter plate, and has no NH logo.[5] All the other known Neuheil shutters have NEUMANN & HEILEMANN and PATENTS PENDING instead, and have the NH logo of the company on the right.[6]

Camera list Edit

List of cameras equipped (not all the versions have a Neuheil shutter):

  • Arcadia (5–150 observed on an isolated example, with the early shutter plate)
  • Weha Light (5–150 and 25–150 observed, Neuheil A and B advertised)
  • Weha Idea (Neuheil A and B advertised)
  • Semi Proud (5–150 observed on an isolated example)

Notes Edit

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  6. Examples observed in online auctions on Weha plate folders.

Bibliography Edit

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