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The Minoriflex is a Japanese 6×6 TLR, sold and perhaps made by Rokuwa Shōji in 1950 and 1951.

Versions Edit

A number of versions are listed in a March 1950 advertisement by Japan Photo Service Co., Ltd.[1]

The Minoriflex I has no auto-stop advance, a "Torionsu" (トリオンス) f/3.5 viewing lens and a Super-Rapid shutter (T, B, 1–500). It was available with the following lenses:

The Minoriflex II has auto-stop advance and a Lausar S f/3.5 viewing lens; it was available with the following lens and shutter combinations:

The use of German lenses and shutters at that time is surprising. These were possibly coming from old stocks of parts.

The Minoriflex was advertised again by Hakkōdō in April 1951, and it is said that a version with a Hexar f/3.8 lens was added in this advertisement.[2]

No surviving example of the Minoriflex has been observed so far.

Notes Edit

  1. Advertisement published in Asahi Camera, reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p. 193.
  2. Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p. 368.

Bibliography Edit

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