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Minolta X300 8979262 1

Minolta X-300 with MD Zoom 35-70mm/3,5.

A year after Minolta released the X-570, they introduced the X-300 to the photographic market. It was a less-expensive alternative to the X-570 thanks to fewer features. The body of the X-300 is nearly identical to that of the X-570. The only change, other than the nameplate, is that the shutter speed dial in now covered, only showing one speed at a time. In addition, the camera features are minimized. Perhaps the biggest feature change from the X-570 is that the X-300 lacks the OTF (off-the-film) flash mode -- which many find very useful. In addition, the X-300 lacks the DOF preview, PC connection, and interchangeable screens of the X-570. Together, these changes reduced the price tag of the X-300 significantly.

Introduction Edit

The Minolta X-300 is a 35mm manual focus SLR using the SR lens mount (often wrongly referred to as MD mount, which is actually a lens series and stands for "Minimum Diaphram") which was used on all minolta manual focus bodies begining in 1958. The X-300 (also known as X-370) is based on the earlier X-570 but had features removed by Minolta to reduce the price point. The X-300, in its many forms, became the basis of Minolta's manual-focus SLR cameras after the introduction of the auto-focus Maxxum line. The various X-370's were less expensive than the new, auto-focus cameras, but still had all the features that a new or experienced photographer needed. As mentioned, production was moved from Japan to China around 1990, and the X-370n has, and is, being used as the basis for many others cameras from China, sold by Seagull (as the Seagull DF-300) and several other firms. One thing seems certain -- the X-370 will live on, in one form or another, for many years to come.

Camera Specifications Edit

Images Edit

Minolta X300 8979262 4

This is the black version of Minolta X-300.


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