The Minolta Pocket Autopak 430Ex is one of Minolta's Autopak subminiature cameras for type No. 110 film cassettes. It has a built-in electronic flash and a three-element 1:5.6/26mm Rokkor lens with switchable focus settings 1.5m, 3m and 10m. Beside its round shutter release button it has four shifters as controls, the film advance and shutter-cocking shifter in the bottom, the distance selector and the flash on/off shifter on the top, and the lens protection and shutter release lock shifter in the front side. When the flash shifter is moved to on setting the flash unit moves a little bit away from the lens opening because a greater distance from the lens reduces the flash's red-eye effect. A control lamp in the camera back shows when the flash is idle for exposure. After usage the flash can be shifted back to off position. It needs an AA battery. The viewfinder is a simple reverse Galilean one. On the camera bottom is flash range table.

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