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The Minolta Hi-matic S2 was a 35mm viewfinder camera from Minolta. It was part of the S seriesof zone focus compact cameras.

Some of its most notable features were:

  • Use of a beeping alarm to indicate a shutter speed below 1/40 second (one beep) or if a subject was out of flash range (three beeps)
  • the camera shutter would not fire without battery power
  • the zone focusing scale on the lens barrel would illuminate when the pop-flash was engaged


  • Focus: Manual, zone focusing
  • Focus Range: 0.8 meters to infinity
  • Exposure control: CdS cell, auto-exposure
  • Lens: Minolta 38/2.8
  • Filter Thread: 46 mm
  • Film Range: ASA 25 to ASA 400, set manually
  • Battery: 2 x AA alkaline batteries


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